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Best Ayurveda Doctor in Mohali

Best Ayurveda Doctor in Mohali

Best Ayurveda Doctor in Mohali – There has been a huge surge in the demand of expert ayurveda doctors in Mohali, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, ayurveda has become the first line of defence in the prevention of novel coronavirus. Also, ayurveda is playing an integral role in the post-covid recovery process of patients.

In this post, we will look at the best ayurveda doctors in Mohali and how Wish Health healthcare portal can help you connect with the right one.

Ayurveda – To enhance immunity

There are many herbs that help enhance the activity of white blood cells so that they can fight off infections better. Given below are a few herbs and spices, known for their immune boosting properties:

  1. Giloy: Also known as Guduchi, the stem of this plant is loaded with immune-boosting properties. If you pick any ayurvedic supplement that boosts immunity, you are sure to find Giloy powder or extract in it, usually in compositions of 250mg-500mg. Owing to its anti-pyretic nature, Giloy decoctions often come handy to treat fever.

  2. Turmeric: Turmeric is well-known around the globe for its anti-inflammatory, allergy relieving and wound-healing properties. The modern-day research has attributed all these properties to its compounds known as curcuminoids. In fact, India’s traditional “haldi-doodh” is now consumed as a superfood in western countries, under names like Turmeric Latte.

  3. Tulsi: The Holy basil is a panacea for respiratory problems. It can be consumed as dry leaves, made into a decoction, consumed as tea or in the form or supplements comprising powders, tablets and capsules. Tulsi is a potent bactericidal and helps relieve excess phlegm from the respiratory tract.

  4. Black Pepper: Black pepper is rich in a compound known as piperine. The majority of the benefits of black pepper – known as Kali Mirch in Hindi – are attributed to this compound. Although black pepper is primarily used to treat respiratory tract problems and indigestion, research has show than piperine may even fight cancer and could keep Alzheimer’s at bay.

  5. Licorice: Mulethi, as you would call it in India, is another herb with therapeutic properties. It soothes the respiratory tract, strengthens the liver, boosts immunity, controls high cholesterol and manages skin conditions. Thanks to its anti-viral nature, Mulethi has been a strong ayurvedic ‘weapon against coronavirus, for people who are recovering at home with mild illness.

Is Ayurveda safe for all people?

Ayurveda is indeed safe for all people as long as they are being taken as prescribed by a registered ayurvedic practitioner. When the best Ayurveda doctors in Mohali prescribe an ayurvedic medicine and supplement, they consider many factors such as a person’s body type, digestive power, immunity, etc. However, when we self-medicate, we do not take these factors into account and end up with side-effects.

In a nutshell, ayurveda is very safe if self-medication is avoided and consultation is sought from professionals.

The Best Ayurveda Doctor in Mohali

You can find the best ayurvedic doctor in Mohali through WishHealth healthcare portal. Given below are the best ayurveda practitioners that can be reached with just a click or a phone call:

  1. Dr. Rita Behl: 15+ years experience
  2. Dr. Kshitij Charaya: 17+ years of experience
  3. Dr. Shridhar Aggarwal: 17+ years of experience

You can book a consultation with these doctors directly through our website. If you are not familiar with online consultation booking, you can give us a call at +91-958 0011 011

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